G-Energy Team and Russian duet Vladimir Vasilyev/Konstantin Zhiltsov continue to make their fans happy with an outstanding sporting achievements in the FIA World Cup for cross-country rallies.

Successful performance at the seventh stage of the Cup in Hungary - "Hungarian Baja 2014" where the crew took "silver medals", allowed to increase leadership and to strengthen positions.

Race started in absolutely extreme conditions. Storm rains seriously washed away the Baja route, having turned numerous high-speed bends and forest pieces of the first special stage into the extremely dangerous and slippery. Starting the first, Vasilyev and Zhiltsov had to rake all most mud places and deep pools that led to loss of time of rather main rivals.

The most exciting sport battle took place in Saturday's racing day on the tank proving ground in Veshprem where participants should pass four special stages with a general distance of 310 km.

Having reached the third intermediate position in overall ranking after the first two test sections, Vasilyev and Zhiltsov very competently and tactically correctly passed the remained two special stages, having relied on a stable driving and lack of mistakes!

The total position deal in the three of leaders was solved after leading of official results. Nasser Al-Attiyah/Matthieu Boumel's (Toyota) crew became the winner of race, "silver" was received by Russians Vladimir Vasilyev/Konstantin Zhiltsov (Mini), and Orlando Terranova together with Bernard Grau (Mini) was closed top-3.

Summarizing the race in Hungary, the pilot of G-Energy Team Vladimir Vasilyev noted:

"In general, the race was pleasant, and we carried out our goals, by reaching the podium and having gathered necessary points for leadership strengthening in the World Cup classification. The second place in so difficult race for me is an excellent result! Certainly, weather conditions and especially, the first day, were for us especially difficult as we opened the route under a pouring rain and on standard tires. Though the launching site and type of tires were major factors on this race, but no more important, than reliability of the car and lack of mistakes. Here, certainly, we had a good experience. Sports Mini All4 Racing proved most well in road ability and suspension work, in what a big merit of our technical partners – X-Raid and G-Energy. Accurate work of crew allowed to increase the pace and to rise on the second total position".

After a week for rest, Russians will continue their way to a Champion's title at the eighth round of FIA World Cup - "Baja Poland 2014" which starts on August, 29th in the Polish Szczecin.


1. AL-ATTIYAH Nasser/ BAUMEL Matthiew Toyota 04:04:34

2. VASILYEV Vladimir/ ZHILTSOV Konstantin Mini + 12:09

3. TERRANOVA Orlando/ GRAUE Bernardo Mini + 12:17

4. ZAPLETAL Miroslav/ MARTON Maciej H3 + 18:30

5. RAKHIMBAYEV Aidyn/ NIKOLAEV Anton Mini + 24:55

6. FODOR Imre/ MESTERHÁZI Márk Ford + 27:14

7. FEKETE Antal/ TÓTH György Toyota + 30:55

8. DABROWSKI Marek/ CZACHOR Jacek Toyota + 34:40